Best Christmas Shoot Ideas

January 8, 2019

The Magic of Christmas Photo Sessions

Christmas is a wonderful time of year where families connect, unlike any other season. It’s also a great time of year to have family photos taken which can be used when sending out Christmas cards, having canvas prints made as gifts, adding them to photo collages of the cumulative year, and other fun ideas.

Holiday photo shoots can incorporate a variety of different candid and posed scenarios. Depending on the setting, photographer, and number of people being photographed, Christmas photo shoots can and should be beautiful keepsakes.

What to Wear

Some families like to purchase matching or coordinated outfits for their holiday photo shoots. Wearing red and green colors are more traditional and give that sought-after Christmas spirit some strive to achieve. Others prefer a more timeless color scheme, with black and white outfits, while posed before red and silver or gold settings. There is no right or wrong way to dress for a Christmas photo shoot. Afterall, these are for your Christmas pictures. Consider what you want your shots to look like and talk with your photographer about the different background settings available.

Outdoor Photo Shoots

Outdoor photo shoots can beautiful. With snow covered fields or mountainous views, using a natural setting can be wonderful for holiday shoots, especially if you live in a place that gets a lot of snow. The downside is it can be quite cold. Be sure to consider what the temperature might be when you schedule your shoot and try to pick outfits that won’t leave everyone shivering and miserable in the pictures.

Scarves, mittens, and winter boots can be great props, in addition to keeping your family from freezing. You may not want to sport large winter coats, but layers of turtlenecks and sweaters can be beautiful without making your family look fluffy in size.

Be sure to have an alternate plan should the weather be too cold or rainy. A photographer will most likely not want to expose their expensive cameras to these types of elements. Having a backup plan is a good idea so that you can get your photos take in time to be printed.

Feel Free to be Silly

Christmas photoshoots don’t have to be a bunch of stiff people with fake smiles standing around. You should have fun during your shoot. Talk to your photographer about having some silly face pictures taken. You will be sure to enjoy these, over time, probably more than the traditional photos that you also had take that year.

Christmas photoshoots should be fun and magical. Be sure to talk to your photographer about the types of photos you would like to have done, the colors you want incorporating, the setting or settings you want to utilize, and the vibe you want to be captured during your shoot. A combination of traditional and silly photos should most definitely be taken, along with candid and traditional poses. And don’t forget, you are supposed to be capturing a family that loves each other. Be sure to bring your patience and smiles with you.

Now please enjoy a few pictures from our 2018 Christmas photo sessions

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