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December 28, 2018

Friends That Baby Bump Together

When a woman is pregnant, there is so much worry and anxiety about, well, basically everything. Will the baby be healthy? What if he or she is not? Am I eating the right foods? What if I can’t breastfeed?

The list goes on and on. There are 500 page plus books that talk about every aspect of what to expect, but when the time comes, everything seems to be unique. While your partner should be a great support for you, they don’t really know what you are going physically through. The cramping, morning sickness, back aches, stretch marks, weird cravings. So, what if you had a best girl friend who happened to be pregnant at the same time? That would be fantastic! You could shop together, compare aches and pains, commiserate together.

But this should also be a joyous time too. Why not do a maternity photo shoot together? There’s nothing cooler than friends that baby bump together and having photos of your time pregnant will be keepsakes you will forever cherish.

Hiring a Photographer for a Dual Maternity Shoot

When you book your photographer, you want to be sure to discuss all the different types of photos that you want taken. Obviously, you will want photos together, but you will also want individual shots, as well. Talk to your maternity photographer about what you have in mind for pictures, poses, and locations, but also be open to suggestions from your photographer. It is their job to make sure that you have the best experience possible with the most memorable outcome.

Photo Poses

There is no doubt that having a baby bump-to-bump shot will be taken. But what other poses should you be considering? If you have your shoot in a park, you might want to have pictures taken on swings. If you choose a wooded location, then you might want to do a split, forward/distance shot, where one of you is in the forefront and the other the background, and then switch it around. However, in the case of these gorgeous mamas, we had the shoot right in their backyard… cool, right?!

Photo Props

Don’t shy away from using props in your pics. Using a picture frame to “capture” your baby bumps is a cute idea. Chalkboard signs and ribbons are adorable too. If you decide to go with different dressing themes, you can virtually have a fashion show favoring your pregnant belly’s. The options are limitless, so be sure to talk to your photographer ahead of time about ideas that you really want captured.

Post-Maternity Pictures

Another idea to consider is having your babies photographed together after they are born. These can be precious shots where the babies are snuggled together or propped up in clever poses. Chances are since you have been best friends with the mom, your children will grow up to be forever friends, as well. Capturing these first moments of togetherness can be wonderful. Perhaps you can even have annual photos of your children taken to document their friendship growing and maturing through the years.

Maternity photo shoots do not have to be limited to a single mom and her belly. If you have a friend who is also pregnant, having baby bump photos taken can be the start of a fantastic annual tradition.

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